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The Charming Town of Bell Buckle, Tennessee

Middle TN’s Sandra Blunkall brings a wealth of realtor expertise to many communities in Middle Tennessee, including Bell Buckle. Bell Buckle, Tennessee has earned the number one spot on Southern Living’s Best Small Towns of 2021, and for ample reasons. This charming town is situated among the hills around 50 miles south of Nashville, exuding art, generosity, as well as an abundant amount of history. Established in 1852, Bell Buckle is the host of an annual summer festival dedicated to RC Cola and MoonPies – the latter originating from nearby Chattanooga, Tennessee! – a celebration that has brought a parade, bluegrass music, dancing, and thousands of visitors to the community for more than 25 years. The city’s historic Main Street is accompanied by renowned barbeque spots, live music venues, and plenty of lively shops.

bell buckle, TN aerial view

Elegant Properties and Amenities in Bell Buckle

Bell Buckle is favored not just for its historical culture and Southern hospitality but also for its preserved and well-restored Victorian homes and churches, as well as its sprawling farmlands and walking horse grounds. For those seeking property fit for horses, this is the place for you. Within walking distance from downtown is the world-renowned Webb School, which is a college preparatory boarding and day school and an integral part of the town’s history. Bell Buckle is named one of Tennessee’s Governor’s Three-Star Communities and recipient of the 2008 Governor’s Stewardship Award for Parks and Recreation.

Your Southern Home Destination Awaits

With nearly ten years of real estate expertise, Sandra Blunkall has satisfied many people in the search for their dream home. The radiant town of Bell Buckle is one of the cities among the Middle Tennessee area that Sandra is familiar with. If you are interested in capturing a piece of this historical spot and calling Bell Buckle your new home, Sandra is dedicated to discovering the right property for you.

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