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Your Trusted Partner in the Home Selling Process

Are you preparing to sell your current home? You’ll want proficient real estate experience by your side to make the process quick and straightforward. Sandra Blunkall in Middle TN has nearly a decade’s worth of knowledge and skilled expertise guiding home sellers like you through every aspect of the home selling process from start to close. Sandra can assist you in selling your home faster and for more than you may expect. She is uniquely qualified, providing a commitment to real estate service and a proven plan that can align your home with the most ideal list of prospective buyers. Sandra’s collaboration with your home selling journey is the perfect opportunity to partner with someone who can adequately handle everything involved, giving you the best value, results, and peace of mind.

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Let Sandra Handle It All With a Proven Plan of Action

Sandra Blunkall will handle every course of action throughout the duration of the home selling process. From properly advertising your home to buyers, conducting tours, arranging finances, and negotiating purchase contracts to overseeing inspections, handling paperwork, supervising closings, and staging your home to appeal to the right target audience, Sandra does it all. She’ll help you land the best possible offer by ensuring your home has received any needed repairs and advise you on minor supplemental improvements that will make your home that much more appealing. Sandra offers all these services and more, ensuring you are completely satisfied and securing the quickest, most streamlined sale possible.

Stay Current With Comparative Market Analysis

Sandra Blunkall provides many helpful tools that will allow you to stay up-to-date with the current market in your area. Get access to accurate data from the agency’s local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Compare recent sales, properties under contract, and active listings in a similar area. Understand current market prices and trends. And receive an instant comparative market analysis of the current market value of your house directly to your inbox. All this and more are offered when you enlist the professional services of Sandra Blunkall. Get connected today and simplify the home selling process.

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